Wednesday, May 8 – 4 States in One Day

This morning we bade farewell to Huntsville. The first big test of the brakes on our rig was making our way down the mountain where we’d been camping. All went well and we even made our way to I-565 without getting lost (last year we experienced some, um… difficulty).

From Alabama we passed through Mississippi, which was very picturesque, and then into Tennessee and Memphis which were absolutely not. Traffic in Memphis was very thick and the roads and speed were crazy.

We passed over the Mississippi River and into Arkansas, the I-40 Under Construction Capital of the World! I’m not saying many sections of the interstate through Arkansas are under construction. I’m saying a few scant sections totaling about a tenth of a mile are not. We had to exit the interstate at exit 221 to avoid a major construction zone at mile marker 206 (I think) and were able to reenter the highway at mile marker 192 (or there about). The section of road we detoured over, along with many eighteen-wheelers, was suitable for the traffic… of 1913. The road was so narrow we both cringed every time a truck approached in the opposite direction, anticipating mirror to mirror contact.

Eventually we made our way to Walmart in Conway where we set up camp.

Note to Arkansas DOT: enough!

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2 Responses to Wednesday, May 8 – 4 States in One Day

  1. Terry says:

    Have you signed up for the Walmart Rewards program for frequent stays?

  2. jpaocala says:

    They have that?