Wednesday, May 6th: In to West Virginia

As I write this I’m sitting in a camping chair in Walmart in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Mary Ann is shopping. The sun is low in the sky but it’s still too warm in the trailer to be comfortable. Windows are open and fans are blowing so it should be a good night for sleeping. This is one of the quietest Walmarts we’ve been to. A pair of rabbits is acting busy between the curb a the bushes about 60 feet across from us. The dog thinks they are to play with.

This was planned to be the most challenging driving day of the trip, traversing 3 states with some serious mountain grades. So, after a very nice one-day visit with my son and grandson, including some miniature golf, some swimming, and some ping pong, we hit the road this morning at 9:30. We traveled some 90 miles on Interstate 40, racking up some of the best fuel economy we’ve ever achieved pulling the trailer. The mileage indicator was happily displaying numbers up around 13 MPG. And then it happened. Virginia! We stopped for fuel at exit 1 and got back on the road – straight up! Those serious mountain grades. No kidding!

In West Virginia all the trees appear to be just waking up from their winter-long hibernation. All the foliage looked young and fresh. Travel, however, turned out to be a good news, bad news situation. Fuel here is easily 20 to 30 cents cheaper than anywhere else we’ve been and a full 60 cents cheaper than I had budgeted. So the state is obviously not collecting road taxes at the pump. As a result they’re aggressively not maintaining the roads. Some of the bumps literally lifted me off the seat. I’m pretty sure I’m 2 inches shorter than when we left this morning!

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  1. Curtis says:

    Hmmm… A pair is “or” A pair are?
    Waiting for your travel novel, to compete with Charles Kuralt…