Wednesday, May 25: Dodgeball Anyone?

Tuesday morning, after checking the NOAA and Wunderground websites and listening to the Weather Channel we determined the safest route to take was to head back to Florida.

So we chose the second safest route. We decided to take as northerly a route as possible out of Springfield and try to get to the northern edge of the big yellow blob of forecast severe thunderstorms, which actually reached up into the southern edge of South Dakota for Wednesday. The other blob, a red one marking forecast tornado activity, was more to the south, but directly in the path we had originally planned to travel. The yellow blob was moving north and east making it a moving target. It was like playing dodgeball.

The safest and most effective avoidance route was to move north fast, then move west fast a day later. We had already paid a non-refundable deposit to a campground in Denver (never again… lesson learned) so we knew we were essentially forfeiting that. I considered heading back southwest after avoiding the yellow blob but that would have taken us back into severe weather as we neared Denver. And added 400 miles of driving.

Tuesday we drove 500 miles and ended up in Onawa, Iowa. Don’t look for photos.

Wednesday we made Sioux Falls, South Dakota before noon, then turned west toward Rapid City, setting us up for another 500 mile day. Towing a 12,000 pound trailer and getting 10 miles per gallon, 500 mile days are not fun.

There’s not much to see in South Dakota but most of what’s there is in the Rapid City area. Sturgis, Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park, Ellsworth Air Force Base, Wall Drug, and Deadwood are all a reasonable drive from Rapid City. So we set up in a campground in Black Hawk, just west of Rapid City and planned to spend a few days. Mary Ann did some computer work, I did some maintenance on the trailer, and we took in most of the touristy stuff we hadn’t already done. For anyone who hasn’t visited, Sturgis is a nice little town that reminded me a little of Aspen, Colorado.

We made the best of that situation but it’s ok with me if we never visit South Dakota again.

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