Wednesday, May 18: A Deflating Situation

Plan for the day: drive to Park City, Kentucky, just outside Mammoth Cave National Park and meet up with Jim and Betty, our former neighbors from Silver Springs. We were hoping to cover the 280 miles early enough to have dinner and a fireside visit with our friends.

I awoke early, fed Braeten, and took her outside so she could sniff the grass. She likes to sniff the grass. Grass is good to sniff. You can find good stuff to eat in the grass. As I descended the RV steps something to my right caught my eye. Upon much closer examination I was able to confirm: the right rear tire was completely flat.

flat tire

Being a highly experienced RVer I thought to myself, “We might need to get that fixed.” I went inside and woke Mary Ann who confirmed we would need to get that fixed and suggested calling AAA. Since it was just past 7 AM and we were in Georgia, AAA was obligated to wait until after 8 to dispatch anyone to our trailer.

The repair truck showed up and we were rolling on our spare tire by 9:30. We made our way to the same repair shop Jim and Betty had visited the day before for a tire related problem. They had us back on our regular tire and back on the road in about an hour.

The few spits of rain we encountered on our way north were the first we’d encountered on the trip but were barely enough to move the bugs around on the windshield. Jim and Betty were touring the Corvette assembly plant in Bowling Green as we approached and got on the highway about 10 minutes north of us. So when we pulled into the campground they had just returned and helped us select a site near theirs.

We finally got to enjoy that fireside visit.


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