Wednesday, 6/6 – Yellowstone Wake Up

We arrived at our home for the next three months on Tuesday afternoon at about 1:30 and immediately began the process of getting set up and settled in. We enjoyed a “backyard” fire pit weenie roast with our Silver Springs neighbors who’ve been here for a month already. During dinner the temperature plummeted steadily. By the time we returned to our campsite snow was falling.

This morning the inside temperature was 62, outside temp is 32. And the really good part: our water hose has frozen up so we have no running water. This should be quite an experience. 🙂

I’ll write a more detailed post later.

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2 Responses to Wednesday, 6/6 – Yellowstone Wake Up

  1. Robin says:

    Now that’s funny..Welcome to the Great Northwest..

  2. Curtis says:

    It’s in the 90’s here in Ocala. A little cool weather would be a nice change, for a little while anyway.