Unexpected Hiccup

I was skimming through the posts in the owners’ forum for our RV (Open Range which is now called Highland Ridge and is a subsidiary of Jayco) and happened upon an item about cracks in the frames of  a couple of models other than ours. The main part of the fifth wheel frame consists of two parallel i-beams. The living area is built above the i-beam and the suspension and axles are below it. The cracks being discussed in the post are just above the axles. Apparently this is a widespread problem in the industry as manufacturers look for ways to lighten RVs. I imagine there’s a modicum of cost cutting involved, too.

Out of a preponderance of caution we checked our frame. Sure enough: 3 cracks.

Crack in Frame Over Right Side of Rear Axle

Crack in Frame Over Right Side of Rear Axle (click to enlarge)

I’ve been in touch with the manufacturer to see if they’ll cover it under our warranty which expired 6 weeks before discovering this little issue. Still awaiting a decision on that.

Meanwhile our preparations are on track. I have 3 working days left and we’ve begun staging things to move to the RV. This is the exciting time where anticipation begins to peak and plans start getting scuttled by unanticipated events. Like… cracks in frames. And other things. Today we washed and waxed the car. So it will be ready to sit in the garage all summer. You want to make sure you wash and wax your car before garaging it for 6 months. Mary Ann said so. Next week we’ll bring the RV home and wash and wax it.

We’re hoping for better weather in Yellowstone this year. Last year’s unusually abundant rains dramatically limited our outdoor recreation opportunities. This winter’s snowfall was just slightly below average so hopefully we’ll have a more normal summer.

We’re hoping to be able to stick to our westbound schedule but I can’t say I’m completely without doubt.

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  1. Joe says:

    I like your cracks… Just saying!