Tuesday, May 27, 2014 – Garryowen, Montana

I-90 dips to the south just inside Wyoming (state slogan, the “We Have More Land Than We Know What to Do With” state) so Richard’s GPS appropriately routed us north onto US212, no doubt shaving a decent number of miles off the day’s drive. Wyoming is the least populous state in the union and our little detour took us through what had to be the least populated portion of the state. We may have seen 10 other vehicles on the road the whole time.

We reconnected with I-90 about 7 miles from our destination, the tiny town of Garryowen, Montana (state slogan, the “You Think Wyoming Has Land!?” state). Garryowen has a population of 2. Seriously. I looked it up. I wonder what their high school proms are like.

We had called ahead to the 7th Ranch Campground located in that town and drove into their lot just behind two other RVs. The campground is less that 10 miles from the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument which we planned to visit for a few hours the next day before leaving for our final stop.

What an awesome campground! The last time we came through this way we stopped in Hardin, a rundown, unpleasant town about 20 miles west of the Battlefield and stayed in an equally unpleasant campground. 7th Ranch is nice enough to stay for a few days and perfectly situated to visit the Battlefield.

We had plenty of room to sit outside and enjoy dinner. No rain.

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