Tuesday, May 20, 2014 – Troy to Nashville

We awoke to find we were camped at Walmart. Exactly where we had settled down last night. Camping at Walmart is sort of a love-hate thing. Most of the Walmarts we camp at are 24 hour stores. So people are coming and going at ALL hours. So the parking lot is never really quiet. Then there are the tractor trailers with noisy generators that run all night. And the other RVers that have noisy generators that run all night. And the parking lots are lit up like it is high noon. But: it’s free.

Today’s objective was to drive north out of Alabama (state slogan: the “Watch out for Predatory Traffic Light Cameras in Montgomery” state) into Tennessee (state slogan: the “State that has Nashville in it” state) to visit Nashville. So we headed north, maintaining vigilance through Montgomery and bracing ourselves for bad road on I-65 around Birmingham (whose DOT’s slogan is “We Will Destroy Your Vehicle. Bwah, Hah, Hah”). I wrote about this stretch last year (click here) but apparently the guy in charge of the DOT didn’t read it. Maybe this time.

In Nashville our Garmin GPS invented a sophisticated route from the interstate to our campground. We drove through narrow, winding back roads, through a residential neighborhood, a check cashing store parking lot, and someone’s living room before finally reaching our destination.

The beautiful campground was in a wooded area on a lake. We enjoyed the scenic view, an evening cookout, and a sunset walk escorted by all the mosquitoes in Nashville. Wednesday we toured the Opryland Hotel (a pretty amazing place that is essentially 4 hotels in one), and visited downtown Nashville.


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