Tuesday, May 17: Out of Florida

Monday morning, May 16, we pulled up chocks and headed north. The trip was almost entirely interstate (I-75) and was uneventful. We stopped for the night at Jennings Outdoor Resort in Jennings, Florida where we had the luxury of parking on a nearly perfectly level paved site. The automatic leveling feature on our fifth wheel had forgotten (as it frequently does) (are you paying attention, Open Range?) where level is. Being on a level site enabled me to manually set us up with relative ease and then restore the unit’s level setting.

Tuesday we hit Georgia before 9:00 and made an on-the-fly decision to go to a campground in Adairsville instead of a Walmart in Cartersville (10 miles to the south) because the forecast temperature was too high for comfort without air conditioning. We arrived in Adairsville and needed sweaters. Another swing and a miss by the Weather Channel.

Along the way we started noticing that Braeten, our not-yet 2 year old Sheltie, is not traveling as well this year as she did last year. She’s kind of a white-knuckle travel companion. She prefers a spot in the front seat between Mary Ann and me even though she has access to the whole back seat. She’ll get a nervous look on her face and jump up into Mary Ann’s lap, often falling asleep there, putting Mary Ann’s legs to sleep in the process.

Another favorite position is sitting beside and facing me with her nose between my right shoulder and the seat back. This always cracks me up.



I’ve come to the conclusion that she is certain she knows the end of the world has been scheduled but she just can’t remember the date and we’re driving inexorably toward it. She’s also pretty sure it’s going to involve a very loud noise. We were at a rest area taking a walk in the grass and she was just about to take care of business when a parked truck’s air brakes let out a loud hiss. Potty attempt aborted!

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