Tuesday, May 14 – Camping With the Chickens

We spent the night of May 11 at Walmart in Edgewood, New Mexico. This was sort of a commemorative stop in recognition of our first ever Walmart sleepover (see Walmart Saves the Day). Mary Ann wanted to pay a visit to the Route 66 RV Park but we opted out. For some reason.

Sunday morning after a quick, fresh, hot-out-of-the-microwave egg McSomething we made the short (200 mile) drive to El Morro campground, a mile outside El Morro National Monument. We pulled into the “parking lot” and were immediately lost. Mary Ann inquired at the office and learned we should just find a site that suited our fancy and then we could go back inside and pay up.

So we chose site 21, right next to the chickens.

No, really. The site next to us has about a half dozen cluckers roaming around unfenced and uncaged. Kalaig (our 12 year old Sheltie) had never seen a chicken… at least not a live one (just the photo of a chicken on her dogfood package), and wasn’t quite sure what to make of these. After some consideration she chose to ignore them.

Monday morning we were up with the chickens (for REAL!) and headed for El Morro National Monument by 8:50. We set out on an incredible hike to the top of El Morro, walking along the ridge at the top. What an exhilarating experience! The views were incredible and we both thoroughly enjoyed the hike. And were both thoroughly wiped out after.

And then this morning it was time to pull up stakes and head north to Moab, Utah.

Note to El Morro Campground: consider a weekly chicken dinner.

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2 Responses to Tuesday, May 14 – Camping With the Chickens

  1. Curtis says:

    Really, there are monkeys up there? Any giraffes or hippopotami captured as well?
    Those pueblos are indeed clever folk!

  2. Gary says:

    Love the video – never been there would love to see more as you venture out there among the animules! YEAH 🙂