Tuesday, May 12: Frame Fix and Factory Tour

Summer hit south Florida in April so I wore shorts the day we left and every day since. Until yesterday. Yesterday the air travelling with us realized where it was and began acting accordingly. The temperature struggled to reach 55 and the wind blew with vigor. Did I mention rain? Annoyingly persistent.

We were parked/camping in front of the Open Range warranty service center. Which opens at 6. AM. In the morning. Workers began showing up well before that so I was awake before the alarm went off. At around 7:30 the doors opened and a short while later our RV was towed into one of their service bays. We loaded our cat and dog into the truck and went sight seeing.

Shipshewana has a large Amish population. We saw lots of people riding bicycles but even more riding in horse and buggies. Mostly brown horses and black buggies. They share the road with the motorized vehicles but they use the shoulders. So the shoulders are spattered with horse exhaust.

We stopped in an Amish bulk food store, and Amish furniture store, and an Amish craft store. The food was reasonably priced but the rest was pricy. We went to a Guggisburg cheese production facility (I hate calling it a factory… Food shouldn’t come from a factory) and watched some cheese being made. 

When we returned to the service center the RV had just been rolled out to the parking lot and was ready for us. Amber, our cat, was thrilled to be back in the RV… she needed to use her sandbox. It’s tough being a cat. Rain was falling steadily so we stayed put. Mary Ann and Braeten took a nap.

Just before bedtime I was working on the blog and Mary Ann went to take a shower. She came running out of the bathroom and frantically informed me, “John, we have a problem!” I followed her outside and found water pouring from under the RV. A fitting coming off the water pump had popped loose spraying water inside the storage area in the lower front of the RV. It wasn’t really a big deal, though, because we only use that area to store cardboard boxes of dry goods and food for the whole summer.

We spent the next hour emptying the compartment, squeegeeing water out, repairing the busted fitting, and putting everything back. We’d have preferred to leave it out to dry but, did I mention it was raining?

Tuesday the rain had let up and so had the temperature. Enjoying the chilly air, Braeten went out for a good run, chasing an imaginary friend in circles for 5 minutes before slowing down. I think in her mind she was chasing Sadie. But Sadie wasn’t there. We had planned to camp at Walmart that night but with the temperature forecast to drop into the 30s we wimped out and relocated to a campground.

At 3:00 we went to the Open Range factory (no cheese being made there) and took our long awaited tour of the birthplace of our trailer. It was fascinating to see how everything comes together.

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