Thursday, May 19: Another Year, Another Visit to Northern Indiana

Our RV is typical of lightweight modern RVs in that it is essentially an aluminum cage perched atop a steel trailer chassis. And typical of steel trailer chassis it is made of cheap stock components. The suspension is no different than that of a utility trailer with leaf springs and equalizers that are at once wear points and inhospitable to a welded aluminum cage.

In order to improve (in theory, anyway) the longevity of our trailer we decided this year to upgrade the trailer’s suspension. The manufacturer of the upgrade system we chose (Morryde) suggested the stock upgrade kit might need some customization for our RV, but we weren’t able to locate a shop near home to take on the work. So we’re taking the trailer to Elkhart, Indiana where the manufacturer will do the work in their facility.

Or, we just like traveling to northern Indiana to look at farmland and bad roads.

So, this morning, about half an hour after Jim and Betty took off for Elkhart we were on the road with a plan to travel about 350 miles. We actually traveled back from the central time zone to the eastern so we lost an hour on the way.

We had dinner with Jim and Betty and made an early night of it. We had to be at the Morryde facility at 6.

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