Thursday, May 14: To Iowa, South Dakota, and Beyond

Wednesday morning was bright and chilly, but at 44 degrees hadn’t dropped as low as was forecast. We were on the road by 9:15 and soon found ourselves in Illinois on Interstate 88. To get there we had crossed the Chicago Skyway, an old steel suspension bridge that we paid $20 to cross (a brick will be laid in our name next month) and a few other nameless but pricy structures. So Illinois was well into our bank account by the time we reached I-88. Well, apparently I-88 is a toll road for all but the last 40 miles before Iowa. We travelled one 20 mile stretch where the road was under construction and down to one lane. One lane in need of a lot of new pavement. When we hit the last toll booth it was like rubbing salt in the wound. 

Finally we were in Iowa and nothing happened. Just smooth, uneventful driving. We reached camp Walley in Waterloo and set up in a nice quiet section of the parking lot.

This morning rain began falling just as we headed into the camp Walley dining room (in this case a Subway). Rain fell all morning obscuring any scenery. The GPS sent us along the scenic route to get to I-35 and we were down to less than a quarter tank of fuel before we found a gas station that met Mary Ann’s strict quality criteria. Not long after that we found ourselves in I-90 in Minnesota. 

For those of you who read my entry last year regarding the condition of I-90, I am pleased to report the good folks in the Minnesota DOT have been hard at work. Wallpapering the baby’s room, replacing the wood deck, adding extra attic insulation, restoring a 57 Corvette… Oh! You thought I meant repairing I-90?! No, no, no. I-90 is as abysmal as ever. It amazes me what passes for an interstate in Minnesota. Some folks said I was a bit harsh last year, what with the nasty winter they’d had and all. So, I guess the bad weather didn’t reach South Dakota? Donald Trump should go in and fire I-90.

We settled in for the night in Cabellas RV parking lot in Mitchell, South Dakota.

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