Thursday, June 14 – A Day in the Life…

Today is a day off and the last day before our season opens. Tomorrow, Friday the 15th, we begin our standard work schedule and the lake officially opens. In the short time we’ve been here we’ve seen traffic in the park steadily increase. From rental motorhomes whose drivers read somewhere that everyone will get out of their way under any and all circumstances, to cars whose drivers know instinctively to hug or transgress the center line and to stop at the first inkling of ANY tricked out cow, the park is waking up and the season is ramping up.

When we turned the lights out last night at 10:30 the outside temperature was 45 and the forecast low was 40. This morning the outside temperature was 29. At first I was convinced I am most assuredly misinterpreting these forecasts. Then I noticed a white flag hoisted high on the flagpole outside the local weather service building and I began to understand. A new dartboard is on order. The temperature can change so rapidly, I’ve noticed skid marks on the thermometer.

We began the morning with a 2 mile ranger-guided hike of the Canyon to the upper and lower falls. The trail we followed skirted some dramatic views and some dramatic ups and downs. Seriously, we traversed cutbacks and shear drop-hugging paths. But the views were breathtaking. The ranger who guided us was excellent and the information she imparted on us was interesting and eye opening. The oxygen concession was not yet open but we had an awesome time after we regained consciousness.

We returned to the RV for some lunch and phone calls. But first we had to run the roadway gauntlet. The Grand Loop includes numerous turnouts strategically designed to hold about 4 of those electric wheelchair scooter things you see all the time at Walmart but to APPEAR capable of parking a full house at Dodger Stadium. One pullout was so crammed that the first vehicles to have arrived were completely blocked in and the latest arrivals were literally obstructing the main road. As we drove by Mary Ann rolled her window down and asked what was going on. A woman making her way back to her car explained that a bear had been spotted in a neighboring county last month.

The park really is amazing. So many unique microenvironments exist, it’s like you drive 10 miles and you’re on a new planet. If you’ve never visited a national park, this is the one to start with.

Anyway, during our lunch break I checked email. Our bill from CenturyLink had arrived. They want $194 for our two phone lines. This includes this month, next month, installation fees, local and federal taxes, and a little something for the clerk who printed and mailed the bill. The actual bill was not included in the email, just a link to the CenturyLink website where I could download the bill. On the website I was instructed to create an online account so I could access the bill. First I had to provide our zip code. Easy enough, but the site returned an error message. Undaunted, I tried again and again got an error message. Knowing that the mistake was SURELY mine, I tried with our Florida zip code. Error. So, I called their 800 number so I could pay the bill by phone. After assuring the automated system that I wanted instructions in English I was asked for my account number. Well, the email hadn’t included the account number. That can only be obtained from the bill which can only be downloaded after creating an online account. I called back and pressed the correct key to speak with an associate. After explaining the problem, he explained that this was a former Qwest account and that I needed to call another number for THAT bill pay system. Note to CenturyLink: thanks for nothing.

After lunch we picked up mail at the post office then drove to one of the few spots we’ve found where we can use our cell phones.

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  1. char says:

    Hello! It sounds like you are having a fantastic time! I can’t wait to see you…I’ll try to call Sunday or Monday. Meanwhile, watch out for that grizzly bear!