Sunday, September 8 – Time to Go

Tuesday morning at 8:30 we’ll turn in our employee i.d. cards, sign some paperwork and our Yellowstone adventure will officially end. Last year the melancholy didn’t set in until we were headed down the road but this year it’s been with me since Friday when we took our last trip around the lake.

For the most part the week almost felt like the last week of school. Tuesday our first two trips were combined into one as we took some company executives around the lake. We go to go places we don’t normally get to visit so we were calling it a field trip. Thursday we had the company historian out on a trip and that was exciting. Friday one of our favorite guest narrators took our last trip with us and had her sister along for a visit so we made a big deal of that.

Yesterday Richard and I embarked on our most challenging hike of the year (for me, at least): the 10 mile long “Seven Mile Hole.” This was a trek through a wooded trail along the north rim of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, then down 1200 feet to the river. It was an awesome hike and a wonderful adventure. We spent about 20 minutes on the riverbank taking pictures, eating lunch and resting before the return trip. That 1200 foot ascent is over about a mile and a half so it’s a real lung-burner.


Today and Monday will be spent packing things up for the journey home. In spite of our near-miss with the evacuation a few weeks back it seems we still have a lot of preparing to do. My next post will be from somewhere between here and home.

Note to Yellowstone: It’s been a great summer… we’ll miss you!

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