Sunday, September 2 – Potpourri

Perhaps you’ve noticed bison are a frequent topic in my posts and there’s a good reason for that. The bison in Yellowstone are like MasterCard: they’re everywhere you want to be. They’re also lots of places you’d prefer they not be.

Tuesday evening we had just sat down for dinner when I began hearing the familiar grunt of male bison announcing their availability to any interested female bison. But the sound was disturbingly close so I went outside to investigate. To my horror (more on that in a moment) about 30 bison were grazing, grunting, and gallivanting through the RV park.

About that whole “horror” thing: for years I’ve heard from our neighbor, Jim, about how you can tell that the horny bison have wandered through the park – everyone’s satellite dish is bent, askew, or laying on the ground. We’ve gone to no small expense to have internet here so Mary Ann can continue her real estate administrative duties. Satellite internet is neither speedy nor reasonably priced but it’s the only act in town and the prospect of some frisky bison having its way with with our dish was disturbing.

I had anticipated this crisis and, according to my action plan, ducked back into the RV to grab the truck keys and asked our dinner guest to help me move our picnic table. We positioned it so the dishes were blocked on one side by our RV and another side by the table. Once the truck was backed into position, the dishes were surrounded by obstacles that should block them from bison access.

By the time I jumped down out of the truck cab, the closest bison was about 25 feet away.

Mission accomplished!

Earlier that morning Mary Ann and I had hiked Elephant Back (Mary Ann’s first time, my 4th). This is a very nice, moderately challenging, 4 mile hike that provides awesome views of the lake.        After lunch I hiked Mount Washburn with Richard, our neighbor and the evening’s dinner guest. About a half mile up we ran into an unexpected roadblock: a heard of about 15 mountain goats were SLOWLY making their way up the hill, across the trail, and up the other side.

Mountain goats slowly making their way across the trail on Mount Washburn

On our way back down, my Walmart hiking boots (remember, these are from Walmart’s premium collection, for cheapskates with discriminating taste) suffered the same fate as Mary Ann’s: holes in the soles. And so ended my hiking adventures for the season.

While atop Mount Washburn, the normally incredible view (35 miles in any direction) was sadly obscured by billows of smoke produced by fires in every direction. It looked as if the park were on fire.

Note to Walmart: Really?

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One Response to Sunday, September 2 – Potpourri

  1. Susan Lamm Merritt says:

    Yes, I miss you all. Love reading about your adventures now that I am back home in Florida. Keep them coming.