Sunday, May 5 – Arrive in Hunstville

The temperature only made it down to 42 overnight (had been forecast to reach 38) so a little bit of a reprieve there. Since we weren’t connected to power I was hoping the gas furnace would actually run off the RV battery as expected and it did. Kept the inside of the RV at a balmy 62. We grabbed a quick breakfast at Subway inside Walmart and were back on the road at 8:40.

We made our way to I-65 south of Montgomery and continued northward toward Birmingham. This is where things got spicy. Whoever is in charge of “smooth” in the Alabama Department of Transportation needs to be sent to bed without dinner. The road is so bad for at least 20 miles north and south of Birmingham I was just sure the RV would shake itself to pieces. If all the bumps in that 20 mile stretch were flattened out, I’m sure the road would easily stretch to the moon and back.

Sure enough, when we finally arrived at our campground in Huntsville and looked inside, very few items were where we’d left them.

Oh, and that rain we’d left behind? It caught up with us as we were setting up camp. And it continued ALL night.

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One Response to Sunday, May 5 – Arrive in Hunstville

  1. Joanie says:

    It’s not much fun camping in the rain but it’s such a cozy, beautiful RV, you can enjoy your time inside. And at least it’s not cold enough to snow