Sunday, May 10: Out of Ohio and Into Indiana

Saturday morning we left Louis’ town (that should help you remember the proper pronunciation of Louisville) for the short trip (3 hours) to Maumee. That way we’d be in Maumee for Mother’s Day. I’m not a big fan of toll roads and particularly when we have two extra axles to pay for. Though I had planned a route that avoided the Ohio turnpike Mary Ann felt we should avoid the back roads. So we compromised. We took the turnpike. 

We covered 90 some miles and paid just over $21 so not awful, but then, I suppose you get what you pay for. I’m not sure what Ohio does with the toll money they collect. Maybe pad the pockets of some bureaucrats in the DOT system? One thing they DON’T do is adequately maintain the road. We covered miles-long stretches of washboard road with an occasional smooth spot to lull us into thinking the worst was behind us. Not quite as bad as I-95 in South Carolina, but close. Certainly not $21 worth.

Later on we met up with Edna, another family member who recently moved north from South Florida and had a nice visit. We hadn’t seen Edna in about a year so she made a point of taking us to a casino.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and time to say farewell to Ohio. We headed pretty much due west toward Shipshewana, Indiana. I asked to GPS to please avoid toll roads so we saw some interesting back roads along the way.

By 12:30 we had found the Open Range service center and a few surprises. The service writer I had been in touch with told me to use one of the RV pads they have out front for visitors. From what I could tell on Google earth, three pads were out front so I’d been concerned about availability. Turns out six sites are out front. And five were occupied. We snatched up the last one then proceeded to wait for Monday morning. After dinner I went and visited with the occupants of one of the other trailers – sisters from Canada with a six month old RV with a mold problem.

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