Sunday, June 30 – Summer!

Monday we had a day off together. It took a little time for the shock to wear off but sure enough, there we both were, 9:00 in the morning, still in the same place together. So we decided to head into Cody to pick up some much needed supplies and tend to some errands.

I wrote about the drive to Cody last year (see Geographical Diversity). As long a drive as it is (about an hour and 45 minutes) it never gets old because the scenery is so captivating. This trip, as we exited the park we were happy to see a parade of RVs and cars headed INTO the park. It left us hopeful that the huge drop in activity at the marina might be short lived.

As we descend into Cody we experience a 2700 foot elevation difference and, this week, a 21 degree temperature difference. We made the usual rounds: a visit to Walmart for staples and some grocery items, the post office, Albertsons (this is the real deal, not like the ones operated by Publix like we have in Florida), and, of course, the liquor store where we are privileged to pay about 25% more for our various nectars than we do in Florida. We did make the mistake of taking the Walmart challenge and try some of their fresh strawberries and grapes. That’s a challenge we won’t take again.

The weather finally began to moderate this week. Overnight temperatures stayed above 40 and daytime temps were at least 50. Rain continued to fall at a pace that tremendously outdid last year. The pundits had called for a warmer, dryer summer than average for this area. I’ve gotta get a job as a pundit so I can get paid for being wrong most of the time.

Then, all of a sudden, sometime early Thursday, summer happened. I will remember for the rest of my life where I was, who I was with, and what I was doing at the time.

For the remainder of Thursday and all of Friday summer kept happening. The daytime temperature broke 80, the sun bravely shone all day and even the afternoon winds were kind to us. The marina bustled with activity and we were sailing with full boatloads.

And I began to learn some of the pitfalls of full boatloads. Between each trip Richard and I tidy up the boat. This includes sweeping the floor as necessary, picking up trash, and cleaning the windows. Sweeping the floor makes sense: people board the boat and they have stuff in the treads of their shoes. The stuff stays in the boat when they leave. The trash makes a little less sense: no food is allowed on the boat. But we find lollipop sticks, food wrappers, bloody kleenexes,  broken sunglasses, kids underwear… it’s amazing. Cleaning the windows is an adventure. Small children are drawn to windows like moths to light. And the amazing things those children do with spit and dirty fingers is mesmerizing. I’m sure we have a few budding Michelangelos out there because we routinely find vertical miniature Sistine Chapel murals that we feel bad cleaning. No… that’s not it. But we do shake our heads as we spray. And wipe.

Note to Walmart: Stop using a dumpster as your fruit supplier.

Had to stop for this guy on the way to Cody

Had to stop for this guy on the way to Cody

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3 Responses to Sunday, June 30 – Summer!

  1. Curtis says:

    It is truly amazing indeed, how much debris people absent mindedly leave behind… Wonder what their home is like… Maybe their mothers comes to pick up after them?

  2. George Tucker says:

    Glad to see summer has arrived, better late than never. You might try using plastic like they use at the dentist, just peel off a layer and you’re ready for the next group. Awesome Nat Geo quality pic of the ram.