Sunday, June 2 – Aye, Aye, Captain!

Thursday morning (May 30th) as we arrived at the marina for our first shift after our “weekend” we were greeted by a large tracked vehicle rolling the Lake Queen II (the boat I’ll be driving) into the lake!

photo courtesy of Ken Foshaug

photo courtesy of Ken Foshaug

This was exciting on a few levels. First, it meant  no longer needing a ladder to get on-board. It also meant time to get some actual practical experience driving her. Ken (one of the other captains and my mentor) and I spent the next few days practicing docking (very challenging here due to the erratic high winds and the high profile of the boat) and going over the route and timing out on the lake.

at the helm

There’s not much to talk about regarding out time off activities.  The weather just didn’t cooperate except from an entertainment perspective. It rained, snowed, sleeted and was just plain raw. Tuesday we stayed in and Mary Ann caught up on work. Wednesday we took some time to drive around, look for wildlife and enjoy some scenery. Meanwhile, this was the scene outside our trailer.

small snow

Note to Mother Nature’s weather maker: Looking for a little help here…

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2 Responses to Sunday, June 2 – Aye, Aye, Captain!

  1. Curtis says:

    Do we need to bring our insulated underwear when we come visit?

  2. California Mike says:

    ARR, me thinks you need yur peg leg and eye patch. The hook is already taken and also the sparrow. The parrot flew away, so yur stuck without polly. Git those swabbies to swab the poop deck and batten down the hatches.
    I couldn’t resist. I wanna play in the boat too!