Saturday, September 15 – On the Road Again!

We both had mixed emotions about leaving Yellowstone. The weather had turned markedly colder (overnight lows below freezing forecast for two nights before we left and every night since), many of our friends were leaving or had already left, and the park seemed to be slowly going to sleep.  On the other hand, it had been an absolutely incredible summer and it was sad to see it come to an end.

Even at that, the RV seemed determined to keep us in place. Wednesday morning everything was in place and I was officially signed out as an employee. With the truck was backed up to the  trailer I began cranking the tongue jack so the trailer would be at the correct level to slide over the hitch. But after just two cranks on the jack something inside snapped and it was not going any further and the truck hitch was still to high to fit under the trailer.  We were in trouble before we even got started!

Fortunately, someone (I can’t recall who) had convinced me to pack a floor jack among the tools we brought along. After a little MacGyver engineering we managed to get the tongue jacked up, the truck under the RV, and we were hitched up and ready to roll. At 10:30 we pulled out of our site and left our home of 3 months. Heading north toward Hayden Valley (and the park’s west entrance) I thought about how many times we’d visited Hayden Valley in the past 3 months.

At 3:00 we arrived in Pocatello, Idaho and made a quick stop at Bish’s RV Super Center (Mary Ann had called ahead) where we had a new tongue jack installed on the RV. Also while in Pocatello (which, at a mere 4000 feet above sea level is only half the altitude of where we were staying in Yellowstone), my lungs began wondering what was this strange new oxygen density they were feeling.

Hopefully the remainder of the trip will be more, um… uneventful. We’ll keep you posted.


We visited the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearsal while in Salt Lake City

Someone who is probably me viewing one of the arches in Arches National Park

Note to whoever suggested we take the floor jack: thanks!!

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