Saturday May 4 – Heeeeere We Go

The week’s incessant rain continued today though it abated long enough for the slide outs to dry off enough to be retracted without flooding the interior of the rv. We managed to finally get everything loaded and stowed and down the driveway by about 10:50. As I sat in front of the house trying to adjust the break controller Mary Ann asked about the second set of rv keys. So, back into the house I went to collect that forgotten item.

We finally pulled out of the neighborhood at 10:57.  We weren’t a mile down the road before I noticed one of the LP access doors flapping open in the breeze. Oy.  We headed north on I-75 and pulled off the first rest area on I-10. The temperature was noticeably cooler (turned out it was 57) and the rain, that annoying cold mist, just went right through us. A quick bit of lunch and back to driving.

We pulled off I-10 just south of Dothan for our first fuel stop and to begin heading north toward Huntsville. Turned out to be the same fuel station where we first stopped last year but our filling experience was much better.

And so here we sit, in the Walmart parking lot in Troy, Alabama. We’ll “camp” here for the night and then head for Huntsville Sunday… after awakening to a forecast 38 degree morning.

"Camped" in the parking lot of Walmart in Troy, Alabama

“Camped” in the parking lot of Walmart in Troy, Alabama

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One Response to Saturday May 4 – Heeeeere We Go

  1. Gary says:

    What a great looking setup! Have fun, be safe and God Bless!