Saturday, May 24, 2014 – Le Pere, Wisconsin

We set out early this morning for the nearly 400 mile trek to Green Bay, Wisconsin (state slogan,  the “State Known as Wisconsin” state). We were on I-55 dutifully following the purple line on Richard’s GPS when it suddenly hiccuped and told him to make a u-turn. Apparently it meant for us to be on I-39. My android phone is the best GPS I’ve ever owned and pretty much seems error-proof. Unless you lose cell signal. So on these long trips the old dedicated GPS gets the nod. So how come Google doesn’t make one?

While planning our trip we were happy to have found a campground that didn’t require an extended stay over Memorial Day weekend and Apple Creek Campground in Le Pere is only 10 minutes from Green Bay. Perfect, right?

Not so fast.

As we turned in to the driveway our hearts sank. In 2012 I wrote about a campground in Sioux Falls, South Dakota that was the size of a basketball court. Apple Creek Campground is bigger but no less crammed and cramped. Cars overflowed out of tiny, crowded sites turning the narrow road into an obstacle course. The sites were so small the occupants made no qualms about encroaching on other sites. Best of all, the site we were assigned was parallel to the road and was so small our bedroom slide out extended over the road creating another hazard. The unpaved road spewed dust that coated vehicles, RVs, and picnic tables. Richard and Susan had no side or backyard so sitting outdoors meant lawn chairs on the 20 square foot patch of space in front of their trailer. And we were due to spend 2 nights.

One interesting point we noted. As we traveled further north the hours of daylight grew markedly longer and at this latitude it seemed like the sun never set. Nighttime gave us an IOU.

Sunday morning we took the short drive to Lambeau Field for what I had anticipated would be a very brief visit. As soon as we arrived Richard’s GPS announced it was retiring. After a few minutes it announced it would continue directing us. We spent close to 2 hours driving around the stadium grounds then wandering around inside. None of us was inclined to take the $11.00 tour but everyone enjoyed soaking up the history of this storied institution.


From Green Bay we took a very picturesque drive up into Sturgeon Bay. We stopped at a cheese store on the way but Mary Ann wouldn’t let me buy any cheese. We visited the Door County Maritime Museum, a fascinating place, but had to leave without taking it all in due to time constraints. We also toured a vintage tug boat but the tour guide wouldn’t let me sound the horn.

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