Saturday, May 18 – Pocatello, Idaho

In 2012 we spent our first night after leaving Yellowstone in Pocatello because it was a reasonable distance (158 miles) from the park’s west entrance. It is where we had the trailer repaired after the tongue jack failed as we prepared to leave Yellowstone.

This year we chose it as our final stop before entering the park because it is close to the park AND because it has a Costco! We have a 5 cubic foot chest freezer in the RV (in between 2 recliners in the living room) and planned to fill it with a season’s worth of frozen stuff from Costco.

So we pulled up stakes in Moab and trekked north. To get from Moab to Pocatello we had to pass through Salt Lake City. Ugh. What a nail biter! This had to be the most tense driving of the entire trip. Lots of traffic on 4, 5, and 6 lanes of pavement. Highway exits and entrances every 6 feet. Drivers that won’t give a break as you attempt to change lanes. And insanely tight turns in tiny fuel stations. Our biggest mistake was getting to SLC just about noon. There was no place to pull up with our acre-long rig to grab a little lunch.

We finally had SLC in the rear view mirror. As we crossed from Utah into Idaho the change was as stark as flipping a switch. The landscape quickly turned from brown and dry to green and lush. Oh, and the sky opened up with a steady downpour.

In Pocatello we had reservations at a KOA because our first choice was booked. We’re not big fans of KOAs and this place reinforced our reasoning. For $42 a night we had no cable, just 30 amp service, and a campground that was pretty much a dump. But it served the purpose: we plugged in the freezer and headed for Costco.

Then we returned from Costco and figured out how to stuff $500 worth of goodies into a 5 cubic foot chest freezer. I’m reminded of a Bugs Bunny cartoon involving treasure and Bugs jumping up and down to get it to fit.

Sunday morning we will roll it up and head into Yellowstone.

Note to Pocatello KOA: $25 would be about right.

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