Saturday, May 11 – Into New Mexico

In Oklahoma we stayed in Elk City and visited the Route 66 Museum and Washita Battlefield National Monument. The museum was pretty interesting but the national monument was kind of … well… we’d have done alright not going.

We had our first sub 10 miles per gallon driving segment as we left Oklahoma headed for New Mexico. I attribute that to a pretty good head wind and a substantial elevation gain. We started out at 1500 feet and topped off at just over 7,000 feet before dropping down to about 6500 just west of Albuquerque. After that we were back to about 12 mpg.

The terrain started to get interesting again. We saw a lot of wind farms with what must be thousands of windmills. They’re fascinating to look at. Sorry the picture isn’t very good. It was taken with my cell phone at 60 miles an hour.


On arrival in Edgewood, New Mexico (sound familiar?) we set up camp at Walmart. This will be our last Walmart sleepover.


Note to Don Quixote: You have no idea what you’re missing!

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