Saturday, August 8: Showtime!

News flash! Thursday afternoon the cruise boat and crew received coast guard approval to carry passengers! We began making our normal trips Friday morning. As of Friday there were 37 days left in our season. Friday’s weather was awesome and we were full or almost full for every trip.

The excitement began Monday when nothing happened. Management had hoped/expected (hope is a form of planning, right?) the marine electrician they had hired would arrive Monday. He didn’t. But Tuesday morning we noticed people no one recognized working on the boat as is sat at the mechanics dock. Late Tuesday afternoon I was instructed to move the boat top her normal position at the end of A dock.

Wednesday when I arrived at work an army of people were on the boat, including the 2 coast guard inspectors, 2 managers from Gardiner, and an batalion of company and hired workers. Each time the inspectors turned up a discrepancy the managers immediately put the appropriate worker on the task and just like that ! the discrepancy was wiped out. By the end of the day the boat was cleared except for a handful of items we were given 30 days to address.

Thursday the crew was put through a series of verbal and practical drills to test our ability to handle various emergency situations. Thursday afternoon we were given an official coast guard certification sticker and several documents to post on the boat. And with that the long wait was over.

By now I’m sure everyone has seen the news about a clininc employee who was killed by a bear on a hiking trail. The employee has worked at the clinic for 5 years. The trail is less than half a mile from our trailer and is one we normally hike several times a season. According to reports weve heard, the employee did 3 things the Park Service emphasizes should not be done: 1- he was hiking alone. We are encouraged to hike in groups of 3 or more. 2- he didn’t carry bear spray. Bear spray is a very potent form of pepper spray. It’s expensive but is our last line of defense if attacked by a bear. Some of us carry it when walking the dog through the campground. 3- he was off trail. Bears don’t necessarily respect trail boundaries but at least on the trail it is more likely that the presence of other humans would prevent a bear attack.

The last news we heard, the sow had been captured and will be euthanized if she is found to have been involved in the attack. Her cub is still being sought and will also be euthanized if it was involved. Airborne helicopters have been omnipresent this weekend as efforts to catch the bears are underway.

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