Sunday, May 18 – Ready… set…

After what can only be described as an uneventful “winter” season (I suppose it can actually be described many other ways but uneventful is the only way I’ll describe it) we are ready to hit the road again. This year we’re starting from a bit further south in Florida and are meeting up with Yellowstone friends, Richard and Susan, about a hundred miles north.

We’ll travel north into Wisconsin, then west through Minnesota, South Dakota and Montana, visiting Nashville, Mammoth Cave National Park, Lambeau Field, and a few other cool places and, of course, Walmarts.

I got hired to drive the boat again and Mary Ann will be working the front counter. As I write this the lake is still pretty much frozen over but is forecast to be ice-free by the end of May. When we leave Yellowstone in the fall our current plans include a 3 week stop in Grand Forks, North Dakota to participate in the sugar beet harvest.

Day 2 Packing the RV

Day 2 Packing the RV

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