Monday, September 7: Winter? Again?!

Snow is in the had been forecast for last night but it thankfully didn’t materialize. Yesterday’s high temperature was around 50. We’re scheduled to leave Tuesday, the 15th and I guess it’s none too soon. Last year was unusually rainy and this year has been unusually cool.

I took Braeten to the beach for the last time Saturday. The water temperature is probably about 50 so between that and the 50 degree air temperature we didn’t stay very long.

Friday as we were heading out of the marina on our first trip one of the passengers yelled out, “Is that a bear?!” Everyone looked where he was looking. A huge bull bison had entered the water maybe 200 feet ahead of us and was making his way across the channel to the opposite shore. Richard stopped the boat and we all gawked as the  massive beast walked up on shore, shook a few times to get the water off, then sauntered a few more steps before plopping down and rolling in the sand. He finally had enough of that and continued on his way.

This will be my last post from Yellowstone. We’ll arrive in Minnesota on September 21st and I’ll check in for my sugar beet job on the 22nd. I should be able to get another post in before the harvest starts on October 1st.

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