Monday, May 4th: Finally Out of Florida

Sunday afternoon we had washed the weekend’s layer of lovebugs off the truck and we were ready to roll. It had been a weekend of food, festivities, and packing. Mary Ann’s niece graduated from UF with an engineering degree and needed to move her belongings out of her college-years quarters.

We were on the road earlyish and by 11:00 we were north of Jacksonville and were into Georgia soon after. EVERYONE knows you can’t travel I-95 in Georgia without hitting SOME construction. But I was surprised at how little there was. The drive was so calm and uneventful it was nearly boring.

Then we were in South Carolina with its 200 mile long demolition course. I’d love to know how the state spends their highway funds but I’m sure it involves more beer than asphalt. It must have been one of their DOT gentlemen that we encountered on his way home from a good sudsing. We were cruising along in the granny lane at 60 miles an hour and approached an entrance ramp. A minivan pulled onto the ramp 25 feet in front of us so I took my foot off the gas so he could slide in front of us. Just then the driver had a lucid moment and, seeing this big white and grey mass almost along side him, he, too, took his foot off the gas. So I applied a little brake. And the minivan braked, too.  The end of the entrance ramp was fast approaching and since you obviously can absolutely NOT cross the PAINT at the end of an entrance ramp, he veered toward the highway while STILL BRAKING! There was a break in the passing lane traffic so I swerved into it. I never did see the minivan after that. I figure he turned around and went back to clean his pants.

We reached our destination shortly after 7 and checked into the most awesome campground we’ve been to. Then on to visit my son and some nice home-cooked salmon.

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