Monday, May 26, 2014 – Mitchell, South Dakota

This was planned on paper to be our longest driving day of the trip. We would travel from DePere through Minnesota (state slogan, the “300 Miles of Bad Road” state) (sorry, Mary) and land in Mitchell, South Dakota (state slogan, the “We Have a Corn Palace. Need We Say More?” state).

 What seemed long on paper turned out to be tortuous thanks in no small part to the condition of I-90 through Minnesota. I’m pretty sure the Minnesota DOT is experimenting with genetically engineered frost heave farming and I-90 is the test bed. Amber(our cat) was none too thrilled with this ride and her non-stop caterwauling made the day seem like a week.

 We finally arrived in Mitchell and followed the meandering tour of the city to the Corn Palace prescribed by, you guessed it, Richard’s GPS. We had our GPS engaged, too, and it disagreed turn by turn with Richard’s. Too bad they’re not the same brand. Oh! Wait a minute! Yes, they are!

 The Corn Palace was closed by the time we arrived so we missed the movie and the rest of the cool stuff inside. But we got to take in the breath-taking corn murals covering the outside of the building. Seriously, if this takes your breath away you should have started out with more breath. But it’s cool to see.

 We’d read that Cabellas is the place to stay in Mitchell, that it is quieter and roomier than Walmart. So we wound our way through Mitchell and found Cabellas, closed for the day but with a dedicated RV parking area already occupied by 3 motor homes. We parked adjacent to Richard and Susan and began preparing dinner as the skies opened up and rain the size of golf balls began to fall. We had planned to dine together so Richard extended his awning and we broke what bread hadn’t been broken by I-90.

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