Monday, June 11 – The Land That Time Forgot

What a month the past few days have been! From frozen pipes to nearly setting the RV on fire to dial-up internet service that surely must be slower than sending messages in bottles, we have experienced things that weren’t even afterthoughts on my bucket list.

Let’s try going through this chronologically and see if it make sense.

Apparently the weather changes so fast around here the weather service doesn’t even try to keep up. We had no idea a freeze was coming Tuesday night so we took no precautions. Be it known now that Cody’s furnace is inoperative. We had the good folks over at B&E RV Repair check everything out for us but they apparently didn’t bother with the furnace because, heck, it’s FLORIDA. So our plan was to just run space heaters as needed. Tuesday night it was needed. So was running a trickle of water through the system to prevent the supply from freezing up. We did none of that. So we awoke to 32 degrees outside, 62 degrees inside, and a frozen supply line that finally thawed out around noon.

I spent most of Wednesday trying to get our Dish satellite receiver aligned with the flying saucers in outer space but needed professional help to get the job done. Fortunately a Dish technician was in the RV park and was able to stop by and fix us up. I got Mary Ann all hooked up with our two phone lines and NetZero dial-up service and we were good to go!


I drove to Gardiner Thursday morning to sign on as an official Xanterra employee and returned around noon to find Mary Ann curled up in front of the computer in the fetal position. I knew she was ok, though, because she’d twitch every so often. She’d been trying to pay bills all morning and had accomplished in 4 hours what would have taken 10 minutes on our broadband connection at home. By the end of the week she was ready to pack up and go back to Ocala. Seriously. This morning I inked a contract with Wild Blue for satellite internet service. We’ll mortgage our house when we get home.

I knew trying to run several high power appliances (heater, hair blower, toaster, microwave) in an RV is a no-no but we’ve had quite a lesson here lately. At home it’s common to have 200 amp service. Our little RV has 30 amp service but almost as many electricity-hungry toys as at home. We began tripping circuit breakers sometime after Wednesday by trying to run two space heaters so as to prevent frost on the ceiling. After doing the math I realized each heater draws 12.5 amps. With 2 running we’re at 25 amps and nearing the capacity of the 30 amp service.

But wait, there’s more!

Cody has 6 wall outlets strategically placed where they’re the least useful. Four of them are on one 20 amp circuit which happens to be GFCI protected. The freezer is on that circuit. So a typical evening involves unplugging the computer system (which includes our phone) so we can plug one of the heaters into one of the non-GFCI outlets. In the morning, I turn off the other heater so we can run the coffee maker. After coffee it’s ok to reactivate the heater on the GFCI outlet, turn off the other heater, and plug the computer equipment back in.

But only if it’s cold outside.

Sunday it snowed all day and the high temperature was 38 degrees.

Note to B & E RV Repair: thanks for nothing.

Friday night after we couldn’t get the GFCI breaker to reset, I took it out of the wall and found the wires had melted to the outlet. I’m not saying it got hot, but…

All over Yellowstone are these really cool tricked out cows. From what I understand, this does not involve the use of steroids. I have to get a better photo but here’s one from a distance.

Tricked Out Cow


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3 Responses to Monday, June 11 – The Land That Time Forgot

  1. Robin says:

    Tricked out cows? Go ahead..get a closer picture…..can’t wait to hear about it…

    Sounds like your trip is quite the learning experience…Have you signed up for next year as yet? And your wonderful neighbors from home didn’t tell you all about their adventures they learned since they have been there before?

    Sounds like you are having a good time even with your misadventures…I am so glad you both are doing this.

  2. Curtis says:

    So you won’t be streaming many videos this week then Eh?

  3. Jennifer McBride says:

    Well I am glad to see you have settled in to “wild life” I have had such enjoyment reading your adventures. I am sure we have enjoyed it more than what you have living thru it. Have you gone to the nearest farmer to see if you can milk those tricked out cows? Keep having fun. Jennifer