Monday, July 6: No Boat, No Power

Netfix sent us a gift this week: an extra DVD! I don’t know why and I’m not sure they do, either. But all of a sudden here we are with 4 good movies and last night Mary Ann said lets watch one. She chose the comedy. Ten minutes in the power went out.

The weather this year has been more normal (more normaller than last year) and so have the power failures. Storms had been forecast for Sunday but all we’d had was a couple of squalls while Richard and I were climbing Avalanche Peak. At beer thirty the sun was out. Then we sat down to watch Bill Murray in St Vincent.

The power was out for only a few minutes, just long enough for the big generator to kick in. The generator is the size of a motorhome and as loud as a freight train. It’s maybe a tenth of a mile from our trailer. We KNOW when it’s running. We found where we’d left off and resumed the movie.

Ten minutes later the power went out again. It’s quite normal to lose power for a minute or 2 when they’re switching us back to main power. But this time power didn’t come back up. After waiting 20 minutes we decided to go to bed, a sensible choice since we were planning an early morning. Internet speed is best before 7:00 a.m. and Mary Ann had lots of work to do. A little while later Mary Ann heard the generator start back up.

When we got up this morning the generator was still running. I’m guessing the power company actually lost a hamster this time so we may be on generator power for a while.

The tour boat is still not approved to carry passengers. The latest start date guestimate is July 13. I suspect August 1 is more realistic.

Life in Wonderland.

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One Response to Monday, July 6: No Boat, No Power

  1. Chris germak says:

    So, what does a tour boat pilot at Yellowstone Lake do when his boat is not commissioned yet? Watch movies in 10 minutes clips until the power goes out? Actually, it is all the same. Either way, you are in paradise. Enjoy!