Monday, August 31: Where There’s Smoke, There’s… Yellowstone

Visibility in the park is typically so good we can see 50 miles to the Tetons from a certain vantage point on the lake. Last week we couldn’t see 7 miles across the lake. Last Sunday visibility was less than 2 miles. We’ve had to alter some of our narration for the lake tour to address things that are normally visible but currently aren’t. The smoke is so thick at times our eyes get gritty and burn.

No, the park is not on fire. To the contrary, I’ve only heard of one fire in the park this year, and it was a mere tenth of an acre. But Idaho, Montana, and Oregon are on fire and the wind has spread the smoke into Yellowstone.

Only two weeks remain until the season here is over. The last day for boat rentals and guided fishing trips is September 6. After that the lake tour on our boat will be the only show in town for the final week. All private boats have to be out of the marina by September 13 which is also the last tour date.

The night time low temperatures have been dipping well into the 30s and we woke up one morning last week to 24 degrees. So far snow has not fallen but we’re still getting hail pretty regularly.

It was an interesting week on the boat. A young couple brought their less-than-year-old child on the boat. As we were cleaning up for the next trip Richard had the pleasure of picking up a wadded up, soiled diaper off the floor where they’d been sitting. What a delightful couple.

Sunday around noon Braeten suddenly jumped up and began barking wildly at the front door. A mini herd of about 20 bison had made its way to the yard next door. Three BIG Bulls were escorting their harem of females and somehow the employee campground had become THE place to hang out for 30 minutes. Mary Ann had to hold Braeten in her lap to keep her from barking until they all wandered off.

Bison next door backyard

Bison next door backyard

bison in street

Bison in street moving on

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