Friday, May 8th: Visiting Ohio

Thursday morning we left West Virginia and A few hours later were settled in our campsite in Louisville, Ohio. So as to distinguish themselves from their southern-talking neighbors to the south, the residents here pronounce it Louis-vill instead of Louie-vill or even Lou-ah-vul. Just in case you needed to know that.

A word about campgrounds in Ohio: avoid. About 18 years ago we visited a different campground in Canton where the water had such a high iron content it turn rusty-brown right out of the spigot. So we made a point of staying somewhere else this time. And paid over $42 a night for the privilege.  Pricey! More on that later.

Thursday afternoon we met up with Mary Ann’s cousin, Charlene, and had a very nice visit. Later on we met up with more cousins for some beverages, a light meal, and good conversation. We even met a cousin Mary Ann didn’t know she had.

Mary Ann has long wanted to visit one of her early childhood haunts, Craig Beach on Lake Milton, so Friday we met up again with Char and followed the GPS to where it thought Craig Beach is. Only it isn’t. Not anymore. We walked the area and Mary Ann thought the lay of the land looked familiar but none of the familiar landmarks was visible. A local resident stopped and asked what we were looking for and he was able to confirm the area to be what we sought, but short of another Back to the Future session, Mary Ann would not get to see the trappings she remembered because progress had paved them over.

Friday evening we had a most enjoyable visit with some dear old friends, one of whom had been the best man at our wedding. We hadn’t seen Chris and Christine in 11 years so it was a welcome and long-overdue reunion.

Our heartfelt thanks to our friends and family in Canton for the hospitality! We enjoyed the visit.

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