Friday, May 23, 2014 – Springfield, Illinois

This summer, Amber, our 17 year old warm-weather-loving cat opted not to go to Kitty Summer Camp and instead travel with us to Yellowstone . She chose the economy accommodations of our cat carrier and did pretty well with the hours of riding.

 Except whenever we hit a bump.

 At which point she’d make her opinion known by way of very loud, prolonged caterwauling.

 Imagine what it must have sounded like in our truck as we headed north on I-55, a road I’m pretty sure was built using materials obtained at garage sales and last maintained by someone who paid taxes to Julius Caesar. This road made I-65 around Birmingham seem silky smooth. Some of the potholes were so big they could be seen from the space station. What I don’t understand is this: It’s 2014; technology has brought us toothpaste in tubes, pocket communicators, and we’ve put men on the moon. So why can’t someone engineer a bridge transition that doesn’t loosen teeth?!

 We arrived at our campground at 10:00 and were pleased both by the appearance of the place and that they let us check in so early. We dropped off the RVs and drove into Springfield.

Not far from the campground was an old covered bridge where we paused to enjoy its uniqueness and take some photos.

Covered bridge near Springfield

Covered bridge near Springfield











Then we went to see the Abe Lincoln Museum. Springfield is an awesome little town and the museum was interesting and enjoyable. One of the two short movies had a surprise ending that had everyone smiling in amazement as we walked out of the movie room.

 We kept finding more interesting things to do or look at and we ran out of time before we could take it all in. It was a great stop on our journey.

Abe Lincoln's Home

Abe Lincoln’s Home

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