Friday, May 20: Suspension Suspense

The alarm went off at 5:00 and to my surprise everything appeared quite normal. It’s been a loooooong time since I’ve seen 5am. Who knew normal was out that early? The Morryde shop opened at 6 and we were expected to be there. That was pretty much all we knew so we hadn’t been able to make firm plans with Jim and Betty.

Shortly after arriving we met up with the service manager and dropped off the trailer. The installation could take all day and the first step was to have one of their engineers evaluate our unique situation. Really!? We had tried to get this done near home and they needed their engineer to look at it!?

We drove back to the campground, picked up Jim and Betty, then went to breakfast based on input from TripAdvisor. Sometimes that works well. Not always.

A bland breakfast and a few errands later we took off for a much-anticipated visit to the RV Hall of Fame and Museum. We’d read articles about this venue in camping magazines and were looking forward to spending some time here. I suppose in the overall scheme of things, an hour is technically “some time” but not as much as you’d expect to spend after paying a $10 admission fee. We viewed a few displays showing how RVs are built and looked at some samples of early RVs but most of what we saw promoted buying a new RV.

We all kept wondering when our RV might be finished. I had neglected to ascertain what time “all day” ends. Since the shop opened at 6AM should we anticipate at 2PM completion (8 hours)?

We enjoyed a very nice lunch at a really neat place on a river Betty found not far from the shop. From there we decided to stop by the Morryde shop to see if we could get answers to some of our questions about timing. As we pulled into the parking lot, our RV was being pulled into the parking lot. Complete. What timing!

I looked under the RV to admire the custom handiwork and found… NO CUSTOM HANDIWORK! The installation was completely stock!

I met up with the service manager who explained that the engineer had determined no customization was needed on our RV after all.

This was the sole reason we had come to Indiana!


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