Day Two – Huntsville, Alabama

Monday, May 21

The sun rose early; I guess we were on the eastern edge of the Central Time zone. Plans called for a quick jog up to Huntsville, hopefully before noon. Mary Ann was a little more hopeful than I; I was pretty certain that just wasn’t going to work out.

We stopped for fuel outside Huntsville and I was happy to see our mileage had improved to 10 mpg just by keeping our speed at 60. We stopped at another Loves and this time headed right for the car lanes. This worked out much better. See? I DO learn from my mistakes.

In Huntsville the plan was to overnight in Monte Sano State Park. Monte Sano sits on top of a mountain and there are two ways up. In general. If you’re driving an extended cab truck with an 8 foot bed and towing a 30 foot travel trailer, there’s only ONE way up. Both access roads include numerous cutbacks and steep grades but the cutbacks are a little more forgiving on the route that leads off Governor’s Drive.

We made it to the top and chose a site, set up camp and disconnected the truck. Then we headed to town for some lunch. Dreamland BBQ has some awesome food and unique decor.

Sign at Dreamland BBQ in Huntsville

After lunch we visited some friends and made a quick visit to Costco, during which the skies opened up. Being from Florida, we’re not ones to let a little rain spoil our fun… we KNOW rain.

Imagine our surprise when we returned to our campsite to find our camper had turned into an ark.

Campsite at Monte Sano State Park

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