Day Three – Arrive in Carbondale, Ill

We left Monte Sano (and Huntsville) around 10 Tuesday morning (I was accused of letting everyone sleep in so it’s my fault) and jumped back on I-65 headed north.  We passed through Tennessee and into Kentucky.

Another awesome fuel stop revealed 11 mpg. I’m really getting good at this ;-).

Travel was uneventful until just before crossing from Kentucky into Illinois. A fatal accident had occurred a short time earlier on an overpass and all northbound traffic was being detoured off the interstate and then right back on. The backup took about a half hour to clear but that was not nearly fast enough for the very impatient driver of a black pickup who wanted to go through, over, and around me in the hopes he’d get there sooner.

We arrived in Carbondale around 6:00 and and soon after Jack (Mary Ann’s brother) arrived from Indianapolis . We parked the RV on the property of Jack’s in-laws, Chuck and Dee.

For the next few days we relaxed, went blueberry picking (twice, because once is never enough), ate some really good barbecue, and I came down with a nasty cold.

Chuck and Dee live on a few acres with a large pond in the backyard. Apparently the area is a hot spot for hummingbirds and Dee puts out several feeders that need daily replenishment. The activity around the feeders can get pretty frenetic at high traffic times.


Hummingbirds at Feeding Time

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