Day 9 – Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Ok, so we’re not technically staying IN the park but we’re REALLY close. More on that later.

En route from Sioux Falls we hit some serious headwinds. At least 40 mph winds made for quite a challenge with our fuel economy. The plastic cover on the propane tanks blew loose twice due to the wind and turbulence.

Along the way, we stopped at the Corn Palace in Mitchell. This was on Mary Ann’s “must see” list. It is the third generation of this structure which is essentially a convention center with murals on the outside comprised of different colored ears of corn and other grains. This was a good 5 minute stop that we managed to compress into about an hour and a half. Nuff said.

Next we made our way to the Lakota Indian Museum in Chamberlain. We followed signs leading to the parking area for RVs and cars. Must be they were talking about car-sized RVs because as soon as we pulled in I knew we were in trouble. The only way out was to back up. And so it goes.

The museum was interesting with lots of information about the Lakota Indians and their history and culture. Very interesting.

We arrived at our campground near Badlands around 3:00, dropped off Cody and headed into the park. This place is amazing! It’s like being on another planet. Here again, I’ll let Mary Ann’s photo do the talking. Definitely a place to be revisited.

That night at our camp site the temperature dropped to 54 degrees.

View in Badlands National Park

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