Day 8 – Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The journey from St Joseph to Sioux Falls was uneventful. Very flat, very straight, kind of boring. So let’s not talk about that.

Once in Sioux Falls we found the campground quickly and easily and then things started to get weird. The office was not visible from the entrance and a sign instructed new arrivals to walk around the corner to find the office.  Mary Ann and the campground hostess returned on a golf cart a short while later and she led us to the last remaining pull through in the facility. The campground is sort of in the middle of town. Consequently, it’s not particularly large. Actually, it’s particularly small at roughly the size of a basketball court. But they somehow manage to squeeze 56 sites into that space, mostly by bending and contorting RVs into unnatural formations.

Mature trees at both ends of our site left us with about 6 inches of maneuvering room. It was about this time that I began to appreciate the complexity of our situation. We’re driving a full size F350 with crew cab and 8 foot bed, and a 30 foot travel trailer. The truck alone is massive to maneuver, with what must surely be a 2 minute turning radius. When we managed to get situated the slideout cleared one tree by about 2 inches. The sites on either side of us were occupied by long-term residents. A very peculiar place, indeed.

Rain fell for several hours after we got set up but we went out to a nearby park where a laser light show was to occur. Now, I’m no genius when it comes to geography (I’m the dummy who pronounced Sioux “sigh-ox” when I was a kid) so imagine my surprise to find that in the city of Sioux Falls is an actual waterfall… in the Sioux River… for which the town is named. I had no idea. Next you’ll tell me there’s an actual town called Niagara Falls.

Anyway, this place was gorgeous. The park had been constructed in the 1970’s to provide public access to this beautiful area. I’ll let the photo Mary Ann provided speak for itself.

Sioux Falls on a Rainy Night

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