Day 7 – St Joseph, Missouri

The morning started out full of promise. I was starting to feel better (it was a nasty but short lived cold) and we were setting off on the next segment of our adventure: the just Mary Ann and me segment. The ONLY little tricky part was getting from Carbondale to St. Louis.

Friday afternoon I had embarked on a shrewd bit of strategery: I asked the locals. Dee suggested taking a very specific route and provided turn by turn instructions. Just like a GPS but without the mechanical voice. Chuck expressed disagreement and provided an overview of his suggested route. Then Jack (a non-native but familiar enough with the trip to make suggestions) suggested a completely different but ostensibly much shorter route.

Then each of them asked (with hopeful eyes) which way we were going to go and I realized it had become a competition.

So we hit the road intending to follow Dee’s route, only because I liked its simplicity. And we were doing ok until we came to the third turn. We needed Illinois 51. Apparently the sign painter responsible for that particular sign had had a bad day. Before we knew it we were several miles off track and in the middle of what appeared to be an Amish community. Without a place for a u-turn we engaged in some three-point turn fun that you generally want to avoid when towing a trailer.

We made our way to St. Louis where Mary Ann got some good pictures of the Gateway Arch but they’re locked away in her camera. We made our way to I-70 and trekked westward across Missouri where, by 3 PM, the onboard thermometer was displaying 97 degrees.

Our fuel stop that day was another painfully slow, foaming fuel exercise at a regular pump. So much for lessons learned. Still not sure where to go with this. It took about 30 minutes to get 30 gallons of diesel to trickle into the tank. And we were back under 10 mpg once again.

We HAD planned to overnight at a Walmart just outside Kansas City. But the thought of crazy hot weather and no air conditioning drove us to push further and we made our way to the AOK Campground in St Joseph. The wifi was slow but the air conditioning in Cody was oh, so nice.

Approaching St Louis

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One Response to Day 7 – St Joseph, Missouri

  1. Robin says:

    Enjoy that warm weather when you can..Yellowstone will be cooler….I have seen snow there in late June.