Day 15 – Bozeman, Montana

I commented to Mary Ann that sight seeing is over. I got chastigated because that’s what we’ll be doing all summer. Ok, so I stand corrected. We left Sunday morning headed for Bozeman for one purpose. Turn on our chest freezer and load it with goodies for our summer in Yellowstone. The nearest grocery store from Yellowstone is nearly two hours away. So the plan is to stock up on meats and veggies so we don’t need to subsist on canned stuff and survival food. Does that sound like sight seeing to you?

The drive from Hardin to Bozeman was short (about 4 hours) and uneventful. The scenery again was spectacular with snow-covered mountains to either side. We gained about 2000 feet in altitude en route, ending up just shy of 5000 feet.

We plugged in the freezer as planned and headed out to scout out the local Walmart and Costco. I was astonished at what we saw in Walmart! Lean closer because I’m going to whisper this so as not to create too much of a stir: the people look NORMAL. Everyone was dressed well, appeared to have full dental faculties and weren’t frightening at all. Something very strange going on here.

Overall, I could live in this town. VERY nice place.

The campground: very nice people running it, but it’s a stone’s throw from Interstate 90 AND the rail yard. To say it is noisy is like saying it’s cool in Siberia.

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One Response to Day 15 – Bozeman, Montana

  1. Robin says:

    So you like Bozeman…and can live there…I have a high school friend who lives on on them mountains..her little estate of 100 plus acres is for sale for ten you want me to call her and set up an appt to see? They have an indoor pool as part of their house.