Day 14 – Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

So far on this trip we’re doing a stellar job of finding campgrounds to never visit again. I’m being polite in not naming them. Maybe that’s wrong.

This day we drove out to the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. We’d heard one could easily spend an entire day touring the site so we allocated an entire day. We arrived early and listened to a ranger talk: same talk as yesterday but different ranger. This one (Michael N Donahue) is a published author and VERY knowledgeable about this battle. Awesome presentation. Mary Ann commented she could visualize what he was talking about.

We set out on one of the walkways that leads through the battlefield to view the markers and about that time realized we had forgotten to turn on the air conditioner in the RV so Kalaig might get hot. So we zipped back to the campground (15 miles each way). We hung out there for a while and caught up on work (Mary Ann) and the blog (me).

Later in the afternoon we drove back out to the battlefield and took the 10 mile round trip drive of the entire site. Really fascinating and I highly recommend this stop to anyone who can make the trip.

Next stop: Bozeman, Montana

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