Day 13 – Hardin, Montana

We debated which route to take to get back up to Interstate 90 from the Custer area. We are driving an 04 Ford Diesel which is apparently notorious for being problem prone and fussy about fuel. We’ve gone to no small efforts to fuel up at large truck stops in an effort to ensure only fresh fuel goes into the tank. Rapid City was 40 miles to the north, but out of our way and would have added about 70 miles to the drive for the day. We decided to take a leap of faith and take the shorter route which took us along some insanely desolate sections of South Dakota and Wyoming.

But the scenery was breathtaking and we made it to I-90 in Moorcroft, Wyoming without incident. As we made our way through Wyoming, me being me and all, I couldn’t help but think about whether anyone had answered the age-old question: Wyoming? I figure the answer is probably Wynot?

Early in the afternoon, as we approached the Montana border, we began seeing snow caps in the higher altitudes on the mountains to our south. At one point I could see a thunderstorm miles off in the distance. It seemed like it just stayed put, not moving rapidly in any direction like we see in Florida often. We ended up driving through one edge of it.

We arrived in Hardin, Montana about 3:00, dropped Cody in the campground, and took the 15 mile drive back to Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument to catch a ranger talk.

We stayed at another campground worthy of note. More on that later.

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