Coming Out of Hibernation?

Next Thursday and Friday we’ll have the RV parked in our driveway, loading it up and making final preparations for this year’s adventure. The plan is to take a jaunt up to Elkhart, Indiana to have the RV suspension upgraded and then make our way west.

The National Park Service celebrates its 100 year anniversary this year and events are planned all summer long that are sure to increase attendance at the park. Last year’s attendance at Yellowstone set records and it was easy to tell by the crowds we saw throughout the season. For anyone thinking of making the trip, this official chart shows the average visitation by month. As we’ve always said, July is the peak of the peak.

My off-season was significantly shorter than in previous years. After the all-too-short 2015 Yellowstone season we went to Grand Forks, North Dakota for the sugar beet harvest for probably the last time. The harvest ran a few days longer than it did in 2014 due to warm weather, but by mid-October we were on our way to Kentucky where I was scheduled to work until Christmas at a fulfillment center for a major online retailer who shall remain nameless but is named for a river.

The plan was for Mary Ann to head home from there and for me to stick around as long as I could stand it. We got there early enough to do a little sight seeing and since we were settled in the middle of bourbon country… well, we considered it obligatory to visit a distillery.

At the Makers Mark distillery. No one fell in.

At the Makers Mark distillery. No one fell in.










I got back to Florida December 22 and “settled in” for a few months of handy projects and home upgrades. But I suppose that’s a subject for another post.

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