And, We’re Off

You can't see us because we're inside watching Jesse Stone

Sunday morning, May 20th we had the RV (Cody hereinafter) loaded up with the last minute little things and at 9:04 we were out of the driveway. Our adventure finally and officially began. We made our way north on I-75 to I-10 and turned west.

By the time we got into Alabama our 40 gallon fuel tank was down to 1/4 full. We stopped at a Loves Truck Stop and our education began. The car lanes at the fuel area were packed with lines of cars waiting for their turn at the pumps. Since we needed diesel, I headed back to the truck service area and pulled right up to a pump. Mary Ann had to go inside to give them a credit card (lesson one) but we got the pump running and I was quickly in trouble.

The fuel flowed into the tank so fast it shut off the pump after 2 seconds. Anything faster than a slow trickle (about 1 gallon a minute) caused the fuel to foam up and the pump shut off or fuel spilled. So as I stood and pumped and tried to keep  my hand from cramping, Mary Ann asked a nearby driver if she knew why we were having this problem. Apparently the pumps run at higher pressure for the big rigs so they can fill up at a more reasonable rate. So… no more big rig pumps for us (lesson two).

I had calculated our trip expenses based on fuel cost of $4 a gallon and 10 miles per gallon fuel economy. I was dismayed to find that our mileage was only 9. Best laid plans… The good news was, we paid under $4 a gallon at Loves.

We arrived  in Troy, Alabama around 5:00 and pulled into the Deer Run RV Park. Very nice place – they even gave us a USA Today newspaper. It took us a little time to figure out how to get the cable to work with our antique TV but got that worked out in time for Mary Ann to watch Jesse Stone.

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  1. Gary Buckman says:

    Have fun and be safe!